It is no secret that video marketing has become one of the biggest and most important aspects of digital marketing over the last few years – and it shows no signs of slowing down in 2019. Below, we draw your attention to a few recently released YouTube stats to help drive your digital marketing efforts; both now and into the future.


  • 75% Of Adults Report Watching YouTube On Their Mobile Devices 

This is a stat that proves not only the popularity of video content, but also just how important it has become to focus on mastering the art of mobile marketing.


  • 46% Of Millennials (25 To 34-Year Olds) Have Increased Their YouTube Usage Since Last Year 

In other words, if your target audience is millennials, YouTube, and video marketing in general, is a great way to target them and see results.


  • YouTube Is The World’s Second Largest Search Engine 

As business owners, we are taught to focus our efforts on SEO, website design and website development in order to improve our Google rankings. While this is obviously imperative, so many of us are forgetting to dedicate time to improving our standing on YouTube. Seeing as though it is the world’s second largest search engine, it would definitely be time well spent!


  • Over One Billion Hours Of Videos Are Watched On YouTube Every Day

In other words, people are not only constantly consuming video content, but they are also constantly looking for more. If the goal is to get the attention of your potential consumers and deliver a message, there couldn’t be a better way in which to do it!


  • “Relaxing” And “Feeling Entertained” Are The Top Two Reasons Viewers Watch YouTube 

This is a good statistic to know as it can help to improve the type of video content that you are creating.


  • YouTube Mobile Ads Are 84% More Likely To Hold Attention Than TV Ads 

Never mind the fact that mobile marketing and social media marketing are also much more affordable and easy to monitor/manage.


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