YouTube, the mother of all video social networks is putting together a market place where on-screen talent and video marketers can hook up. This is very good news for small business owners and internet marketers to help them with a big boost to get their business noticed online. Even though YouTube is the biggest online video social media channel in the world, it is also the 2nd biggest search engine with Google (YouTube’s big brother) being first.

If video media advertising has been not ideal to you because of all the costs involved with production, maybe now is an excellent time to start with video marketing online. With the new marketplace on YouTube in the works, let me explain it in plain English; the marketplace on YouTube will serve as a celebrity endorsement for your video channels.

YouTube Marketplace

  • If a celebrity on YouTube has the same audience that you are trying to reach, you can connect with this celebrity through the YouTube talent marketplace
  • To endorse your products or service, you pay a connection fee that will usually be only a small amount of what it would cost to get a real celebrity in real life to endorse your product or service
  • The video will then be added to the celebrity’s YouTube channel, your own dedicated channel, and you can embed this video on your blog and promote it through your social media channels.

What if that celebrity that endorsed your product or service was so good, you can use that celebrity again with the marketplace for your other YouTube videos. This is an excellent opportunity for small business owners that wants to start building brand awareness for their business. What better way than getting a celebrity to endorse your business?