Designing a logo can be a huge challenge for anyone involved in web design, even when you have considerable industry experience. This is because a logo is often the first place people look for web design inspiration – it is, very simply, the embodiment of the organisation. To design something like this when you aren’t a member of the company is daunting, since you don’t have the resources you’d usually expect to have.

Here are our basic guidelines for designing a company logo:

  1. Develop a design brief.

You will have to work with your clients intensely on this as it will create the foundation for your design. Ask them:

  • What does your company do?
  • Who are your ideal customers
  • Who are your competitors?
  • Do you have any text/style or images you’d like incorporated?

These questions will help you position the company and dictate the research you need to do in the next phase, so keep asking until you feel you have everything you need because going out on a limb may set you up for a lot of hard work and no results.

  1. Research your client’s industry.

Finding out about the history of your client’s industry and what their competitors are doing can be a great source of inspiration. It will also help you differentiate your client from what’s already out there and will help you to decide whether or not you’re going to follow the current trends.

  1. Rough drafts.

Here, you’ll be starting the process of capturing everything you know about the company into a design. Try as many different designs as you like as this will help you narrow down your focus. With each design, ask yourself if it will work for the client, resonate with their customers and compete effectively with other companies in the industry.

  1. Get feedback.

No one likes to have their work criticised, but it’s a necessary part of the design process – remember, you will usually present a few designs for them to choose from, so even the final stage will result in some rejection of your work. Look at this as an information-gathering opportunity, much like your interview. Ask plenty of questions about how they feel about the design, what they prefer about one but not the other and so on, so you can focus in on their priorities.

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