There are a variety of platforms you can use for your social media marketing plan. Google+, however, seems harder to get into (when compared to how quickly people start using Facebook and Twitter). If you’re using Google+, there are a few things you can do to make sure you’re using it professionally:

Create a vanity URL

With Facebook, you can create a custom URL ( instead of sticking to a long URL filled with characters and numbers. Unfortunately, Google+ doesn’t have this functionality yet. While the very capable folks at Google sort that out, there’s something you can use in the meantime: Use this to create a customised Google+ URL and it will redirect to your Google+ page.

Make sure people can find you

Like most social networks, people don’t click around looking for brand pages to like and follow (unless you’re Coca-Cola, Harley Davidson or Apple). Make sure your Google+ profile is easy to find by adding the icon to your website, blog and e-mail newsletter. Make sure this icon is clickable and that it takes you to your company’s Google+ page.

Understand paid ads in Google+

The content you post on Google+ will be seen by your existing followers – but how do you get more people to read it? Google+ Post ads let you pay to promote your Google+ valuable posts to more readers and on relevant third-party websites. You can manage these ads through your Google AdWords account and the good news is that they don’t get displayed in the Google+ feeds but rather on Google’s Display Network.

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