RSS feeds (real simple syndication) is the easiest method to get your content broadcasted to the right audiences.  A blog is another form of social media and with one you can publish and share your content instantly.  When you have created a new post on your blog, your blog will notify the web that new content is available for users to explore.  All this is accomplished by the RSS feed linked to your blog.

Once you create a new article or post on your blog, you can select to make it public by publishing what you wrote. This is what happens when you publish new content:

  1. Your blog automatically creates an RSS file that is easily read by search engines and blog aggregators like Technorati and Afrigator. Please note: You will need to register on most of the popular RSS aggregators before they will accept your RSS feed.
  2. Your article and post becomes instantly visible to your blog visitors that is subscribed to your RSS feed.
  3. A ping is sent to RSS aggregator websites to notify them that you have something new on your blog. This invites blog engines and subscribers to look at your new content.

The blog ping your blog sends out is a small XML file containing only the blog title, url and a short description on the new content that can be found.  Once the aggregators receives your pings of new content, they notify all the top search engines that you have new content available.   This method makes it easy for your blog to be indexed and is faster than a normal website.  You don’t have to wait for the search engines to index your pages anymore.  They will find you.

Sometimes the aggregators and search engines will either display the RSS feed  comprising of XML or they will send their own spiders to gather all the information regarding your new content.  Think of it as a notification service that your blog sends out automatically to the world.  Once they have received your notification, your content will be available on the internet within minutes of publishing.  This is a similar process to the way news stories are released on the Internet.

Users that subscribes to your RSS feed can either be notified automatically via this ping service, or their feed readers update their service regularly.  When the rss feed reader finds updates, it makes the content immediately available to the recipient.

There are lots of other ways how you can utilize the RSS feed found on your blog, and will be explained in a follow-up post regarding RSS.

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