Many businesses have made video part of their digital marketing strategy.

How can this work for you and your business? Take for instance a small business looking to boost online and walk- in sales. Let’s consider the following method:

  • Consider what you are looking to gain from incorporating video content into your marketing strategy. Define the approach to be used and establish the goals to be achieved.
  • Incorporate multimedia elements, link this to pictures and text, to create more content and keep viewers interested.
  • There are many Hosting sites available, that offer quality has become very popular since its introduction in 2005, with more than 800 million users, 2.9 billion hours of viewing, one can easily lean towards using YouTube as a hosting site. About 72hrs of video is uploaded every minute, this minimises the competitiveness of each video uploaded. In simple words, making your video stand out from the crowd might prove more difficult on YouTube, than other hosting sites.
  • Optimize! Search engines are able to tell what the video content is about by searching for certain detail. Include a full transcript of the video within the post. Create and submit XML video sitemaps to get videos indexed.
  • Including alluring key words, video titles, tags and descriptions, will draw the crowds.
  • Make your video appealing. Concentrate on the quality of the video. Utilise all that is available and be as original as possible.

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