What is lifecycle email marketing and why should you use it? Also known as ‘drip marketing,’ lifecycle email marketing refers to creating clear set of emails that you will send to potential clients at specific times to take them through your sales funnel.

Your first step to creating an effective lifecycle email marketing campaign is to determine the different messages each interested person would need. For example, a person who has just become aware of your company and what you have to offer will require a completely different intro message to an engaged person who has dealt with you before. One group of readers will need background information on your company and client testimonials while the other might be more interested in learning about your product prices or viewing a product tutorial. Start by classifying your leads into different categories so that you can start reviewing your messaging strategy from there.

The initial welcome mail should be tailored to suit the target audience. If the lead came from your website, for example, make sure the welcome mail mentions this. If the lead came from a salesperson who met the potential customer in person, you should also mention this in the email.

Your follow-up emails should be spaced out over the course of a few weeks so that you don’t overwhelm the reader. Let them know you are in touch because they have demonstrated some form of interest in your company, but don’t resort to spamming.

The most important part of creating an effective lifecycle email marketing campaign is to make sure your content is intriguing, that you’re tracking your results and continue to optimise your strategy.

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