First impressions count, making your website landing page the most important aspect of your website design. While great search engine optimisation will bring visitors to your site, your landing page is what makes or breaks your website’s conversion rate. It’s the difference between turning visitors into customers, or making them turn away. A great landing page is actually quite simple to achieve. Here are the basics:

Have a specific goal

What do you want visitors to your site to do once they reach your landing page? Your website’s conversion refers to the rate at which people engage with the landing page to achieve your goal. Whether that goal is to shop at your online store, sign up for a newsletter or visit a specific page you need to have clear expectations and design the landing page with these in mind.

A strong call to action

Encouraging visitors to achieve your goal is really all about a well placed, clear call to action. This should be obvious, and is usually in the form of a button that directs people to a specific area of your website (e.g. “Visit our online store” or “Click here to view our portfolio” are both great call to actions for a landing page.)

Keep it simple and above the fold

Your landing page should be easy to navigate. Your call to action can also be a signup form – but be sure to make this as streamlined as possible, as there is nothing more annoying to visitors than a complicated form. All key information should also be above the fold – that is, should be visible in the browser window without the user having to scroll down.

Optimise every element

An excellent landing page with a high conversion rate combines the best content marketing with search engine optimisation to attract the interest of both search engines and people. Make use of engaging, keyword rich titles, headings and meta descriptions for the best results.

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