With an increasing number of brands and business people trying to show their thought leadership online, the internet has become flooded with content. The result is that LinkedIn especially is flooded with content pieces and thought leadership pieces that get lost in cyberspace.

To cut through the clutter and get your content under the eyes of potential clients, you need to make sure you have something meaningful to say. People are becoming increasingly disappointed in the quality of thought leadership content being published, with authors rehashing old ideas, opinions and research instead of contributing something new.

One way to do this is to know what type of content is the most popular on LinkedIn. Industry trends, news, best practices and jobs are known to be the types of LinkedIn content that are clicked on the most. Understand your company’s place in the market, your target audience and your skills when you start drafting a thought leadership piece on these topics. If there is a new trends report or statistics that you want to do a thought leadership piece on, look for a unique angle on the topic within the constraints of your unique position and perspective in the market.

Instead of trying to push out more content to increase your engagement, it is often better to post less and spend your time focusing on creating high-impact content for your followers. You can also consider spending money on media placement to get your thought leadership pieces seen by more people instead of creating more content.

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