Native advertising has grown to dominate digital marketing conversations over the last year and has become the ultimate way for brands to get noticed and boost their message on the cluttered online marketing space. In today’s world, content marketing and consumption are the dominating factors and statistics show that ad engagement rates are more than three times higher on native ads.

What is a native ad? Essentially, it is the purchasing of sponsored content on social networks or websites. By using the reach and brand equity of popular publications, social networks and search engines, you are able to increase the readership and credibility of your own media. This can be divided into six units:

  • Social media in-feed units
  • Paid search
  • Recommendation widgets
  • Promoted listings
  • Standard ads
  • Custom campaigns

Native advertising helps brands reach different parts of the marketing audience by using hyper-targeting features to make people aware of products and services.

Four benefits of native advertising

  • Receptive audience. The days of placards and snail mail are long gone. Customer interaction happens online, especially through the use of smartphones, so by asking the top media properties to pitch your business, you could generate all sorts of new leads that were previously beyond your reach.
  • Improve customer lives. Native advertisements are an excellent way to show people how partnering with your business can make their lives easier. In a world where content marketing is king, your trends, tips and case studies can be transformed into wonderful native ad campaigns and gain valuable attention by improving the day-to-day existence of your customer’s lives.
  • Become digitally savvy. Investing in various aspects of digital marketing shows your business in a positive light. You begin to attract a more tech-savvy audience and encourage potential and current customers to engage with you through various channels. This will boost all aspects of your online strategy such as your social media marketing.
  • Customer relationships. Native advertising campaigns are ideal for creating new customer relationships and deepening existing ones. They provide a fresh platform on which to showcase new and innovative ideas that prove to your audience and your competition that you have something unique and beneficial to offer.

The important thing to remember is that native advertising still requires quality content above all. If your sponsored content delivers context, people will embrace it as something worthwhile. By investing in the services of WSI OMS, you will be on the path to creating sponsored content that has the ability to stand against the highest editorial standards, as well as the key to propelling your brand message and serving your audience with value.

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