Websites like, Twitter, LinkedIn, Delicious, Mixx, Stumbleupon and others, are perfect to accelerate the quick promotion or your blog or website providing you have very strong content. First, you need to submit your content to those websites, by including a SEO optimised description and the users will rate the articles they like, hopefully sharing them. A large social site such as, can bring you hundreds of visitors in a less than 48 hours. Social bookmarking is a useful marketing tool for website promotion, internet marketing, blog marketing and viral marketing.  

Thus, an informative and creative website will achieve a higher position in search engines due to the traffic generated. As more back links a website has, the higher it will be ranked by search engines. By using multiple keywords, you can tag multiple categories.   Other benefits of using social bookmarking sites are: People with similar preferences can find each other, creating communities  based on certain topics and interests; Social networking allows  specific groups (the members of an organization, for example) to send free to one another various resources of common interest;

Social networking help people to discover new aspects of a subject they are interested in, by staying in touch with other online users;   Content is King It should be considered that those visitors don’t watch advertisements and don’t post the nicest comments if they are not comfortable with your content. It has been proved that 1% is the number of those who can become potential subscribers of a blog if they like and appreciate the things they read about; 

On the other hand, when people like what they are reading, they send backlinks to your content by posting some interesting facts about your website/ blog. If you manage to write some articles good enough to reach homepage, you can get as many subscribers as you’d get in 6 months without using this kind of promotion.  Search engines usually index the most relevant and recent information. The higher a website’s position, the more visitors it is likely to receive. When a larger number of websites link to the content submitted, Google’s algorithms will analyze it, establishing if it has strong and relevant content. Each social bookmarking website will link back to your website, so it’s recommended to submit it to several social networks or work with a social media expert and develop a well thought through interlinking strategy to make it work for you.

Most people search for topics of interest by using both search engines and social networks.  If the content submitted is highly rated, it will appear on the front page, generating an incredibly large amount of visitors that search that page daily. Social bookmarking is free and public, so you can drive highly targeted ‘quality’ visitors any time, with no costs, only by taking advantage of the varied social media sites full potential. Each social network allows you to select the niche category that fits your content. For example, if you wrote about a certain business service or about a business product, you just have to select the “IT Business” category or the one related to IT services.   

Firstly it is important to build a powerful social bookmarking profile through constant and varied activity, in order to gain more exposure and traffic.  Secondly, you must submit quality content on a regular basis and not just from time to time. It is all about labeling the web, while opening doors to multiple marketing strategies through the collective voice. Moreover, you have to be actively involved to share your opinion and draw attention to your profile. Don’t forget to comment and rate other bookmarked pages, becoming part of the community. It might necessary to remove some weird comments you might receive; don’t let them to affect you; pay more attention to the quality of your content and try not to offend anyone, act as a professional and keep an accurate image of yourself. 

The Author: Jamie MacLeod is an experienced Marketer and Internet Marketing Consultant for WSI -We Simplify the Internet and can be contacted via email at or

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