The most beautiful city in the world. Ron thanks Gilles and the French ICs for making this happen.

First off, we miss Maribel and wish her a speedy recovery.

The challenge for us is to share a view success stories for us to share with Ron.

The spirit of E&I is everything that each of us feel as we are a community.

Our focus is how we must enhance the value that we provide our end clients.

The services that we provide our clients really add value and we shouldn’t underestimate our impact on the market.

WSI took on 135 new IC franchisees in 2011 – great growth for our business.

Our International drive is through our Master Franchisor program so that we can grow in all countries.

Our focus is on customer centricity and WSi will be providing us valuable information like which industries and markets are the best for us to serve.

Ron is delighted to announce that WSI has signed an agreement with Sandler Sales Training – this is a great move and offer for us WSI consultants. Building sales competency in our network is crucial to our success.

Where we are going with our industry – the zero moment of truth – get it here and learn about providing significant value.

The buying cycle of truth.

84% of people make decisions based on “zero moment of truth”

Make sure that we do the 5-6 things that we must do to take advantage of using the “zero moment of truth”

Customers want to hear how others have experienced your service – the power of video brings this to life and is one of the best ways to convert.

Ron ends of with “Learn a lot and have a lot of fun”


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