It is a busy week for me as I am doing 4 days training on Digital Marketing training in Mexico.

The training focuses on:

  1. Generating leads for businesses
  2. Developing your online credibility so people engage
  3. Implementing a communication plan to keep top of mind

I deliver over 15 presentations and each one shows practical examples of implementing these ideas.

I will give more feedback a bit later but I had a few great testimonials and one in particular that I wish to share from Alberto Ehrsam. He increased his traffic from single figures to 168 visitors in 2 days by implementing some of the ideas we discussed.


I like to share my experience just by doing some of the tips to my site that you showed us on Monday and Tuesday of this week (Attachment)


As I mention to you before, I appreciate very much the time you took to teach us an effective "Business Model".

Please feel free to share my testimonial… Your method works in Mexico as well!



Thanks Alberto, comments and results like these are really appreciated.