We are on to our second session and things are just warming up here at WSI Excellence & Innovation conference. Marvin is our Sales coach at WSI and he has helped many Internet Consultants who have bought a franchise.

Marvin makes a clear message that if we don’t focus on cross selling and up-selling to our clients, our competitors will.

Some great stats:

  • 88% of all customers value you more if you make suggestions on other services
  • 73% are interested in learning more about the services and products that you can offer them
  • 62% of customers ask for more products and services
  • 42% of customers bought more than they expected to

There is no easier sale than to up-sell & cross sell and yet many ICs don’t take advantage of it.

He used “by the way” example, call your customer and say “by the way we have just introduced a new service that you might be interested in”. An interesting point Marvin makes is that a dissatisfied customer would be more likely to buy from you than a new prospect and this is due to the relationship that you have.

There are 3 ways to up-sell:

  • sell more of what your customers have bought
  • sell complementary products and services
  • introduce non complementary products or services such as credit card processing

What is your prospect thinking:

  • Am I satisfied with the current product?
  • Is it worth it?

Here are 3 goals that ICs should set for themselves:

  • Survivor level: 1 sale per month can get you $48,000
  • Great success: 2 sales per month can get you $96,000 p.a.
  • Super star: 4 sales per month for $192,000 p.a.

Make your up-sell immediately that a client is ready, don’t wait.

Thanks Marvin for a great presentation. I can’t stress enough the value of attending our E&I conferences .

I suggest that you download his presentation as there are so many other valuable points that Marvin made. 

Every WSI Internet Consultant must mark their calendars to attend this annual event. Use our great network and it will work for you. This is a great business opportunity that we are in.

If you are interested in a WSI Franchise, give me a call and I will introduce you to an exciting opportunity.