I am listening to Francisco on how to apply creative thinking and planning your social media campaigns. Francisco is a seasoned Internet Consultant  from Panama and is a great presenter.

The great take aways from his presentation are:

  • Insights
    • Write done the objective of the campaign and understand your clients budget
  • Impact Idea
    • Write done all the ideas that you need to achieve
    • Document your target market
    • The need to reach 30,000 people
  • Execution
    • The use of micro sites
    • Display ads
    • Search text ads
    • Email marketing
  • Analytics & Results
    • Measure Google analytics of Micro site and main website
    • Set goal conversion rates
    • Measure actual traffic
    • Triple the traffic to a specific website

This is a great framework to work from and will all the WSI Internet Consultants in the presentation.

In the next hour Francisco is going to facilitate a workshop for creative thinking with us.

Here is a great “landing page” http://www.visitpanama.com/25dedescuento/index.php?lang=en that was created in flash and has the technology to track all clicks.

If ever you need help with social media campaigns just give us a call

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