Here we are after lunch and listening to Neal sharing his experiences on managing your online reputation.

The message is that if you live by social media, you can die by social media. An interesting comment I think.

Neal goes on to say that when you are blogging, twittering and want to get good traffic to your website then by being funny, controversial and provocative, you can go viral. But be careful as one person’s sense of humour can be another’s annoyance.

One must be prepared and ready to respond.

The lesson here is that one should have a social media policy for your company to approve content that is blogged about.

As with this blog our aim is to provide business owners and WSI Internet Consultants with information on how they can use the Internet to create an online brand, do lead generation and maintain your client & prospect relationships.

Neal shares this YouTube video of Perry Belcher on social media marketing It is a good example of how you should be creating content that builds credibility for you.

If you are unsure of what needs to be in your social media policy feel free to contact us and we can help you.

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