Drew is a new WSI Consultant who is rapidly making a name for himself in our network. I have listened to Drew present on social media a number of times this year and I guess the youngsters today just ease into social media a lot easier than some of us older guys.

His presentation covers the following strategies:

  • Twitter campaigns for restaurants
  • Video optimization on YouTube
  • Banner advertising
  • Mobile marketing
  • Blog campaigns

With Twitter, Drew advises us to follow relevant users, don’t try & get 10,000 followers as they are not all your target market. Always be Human as that is what social media is all about, be personal and conversational.

He shared the following tools, “Twollow”, Tweetgrid” “Tweepular” & “Twellow”

All WSI ICs should review his presentation as Drew has a great example of how to use social media to market a restaurant. He has achieved great results that any consultant can use as reference.