Daren is well known for changing his business model over the past 5 years to one that is scalable even with a small team. His presentation is on Permission based email marketing and the message is; “always about the relationship”.

Daren’s main purpose when networking is to always add value to whoever he meets so that people will remember him.

Topics covered in his presentation:

  • Why permission based marketing?
  • Today’s challenges
  • Elements of success
  • The opportunity
  • Packaging a solution
  • Proposed pricing options
  • Resources

Daren makes a point that email marketing can assist in keeping your pipeline going as you can stay top of mind with your readers.

A good question that he shares is to ask your prospect, “What is the biggest business challenge that you face?”

Imagine getting all the challenges from everyone you meet. Daren then starts sending emails with valuable information on addressing the biggest challenges that companies face.

What a great idea to keep yourself as a WSI Internet Consultant, “top of mind with your prospects”

I recommend that all WSI ICs get their hands on Daren’s presentation to learn about the importance of email marketing as part of your business.

Once again, I recommend that all ICs attend the Excellence & Innovation conferences as an integral part of your business.

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