Well now we have Michael Richards getting ready to present to us. Last night Michael & his wife Ellen walked off with no less that 3 awards. This is is an outstanding achievement for them as they only started their franchise in the last 2 years.

Michael used to work in Ronnie Adelman’s office and got mentored by the best in our network. So all of you ICs out there, have a look at the top 25 earners and find out who mentored them, you will soon see the benefit of mentorship.

Michael is a specialist in Virtual sales and for all of you out there you would do well to see if you could join Michael on a sales call.

Here are some of the tools that Michael uses:

  • Wordtracker, use action words to come up with great keyword ideas
  • Wordstream is a free tool that will give you great insight as well
  • The Google keyword tool and plug Wordtracker keywords in here for more information
  • SEO Sniper for competitor analysis
  • SCOUT to improve your quality score
  • SEO Recon

Then use Google analytics to create professional reports on conversion tracking and cost per acquisition.

Michael talks about his satisfied clients becoming raving fans of theirs all because of the value that he achieves and demonstrates for them.

They drove over 21,000 visitors to their clients website and with the addition of Facebook advertising they were able to target a specific demographic. They received a great testimonial from the CEO of Alameda County Fairgrounds. Check out Michael’s presentation for some great ideas on how to define what succes for the client will mean.