Well last night Neal won a couple of awards, congratulations.

His presentation today covers the critical principals for Pay Per Click success. His client was spending $55,000 a week on Pay Per Click, that’s impressive.

The client said to Neal if you get me more sales they will spend more money.

Their client grew revenue from $70,000 pm to R1m per month but it took some clever strategies to be able to get the budget to be spent.

Neal’s team focussed on getting keywords that were uniquely targeted for conversion and they created landing pages that were customized to each search phrase

Their purpose was to match the “customer intent” and the “webpage purpose”.

The learning points:

  • Establish metrics as they give you the credibility
  • Obtain conversion data, sales, quotes etc
  • Constant tweaking of the campaign & measure
  • Use analytics to optimize key-phrases and reduce bounce rates
  • Measure the conversion paths
  • Landing page with variable ads
  • Constant client communication

Great job Neal and thanks for sharing your success with us.

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