I had the pleasure of interviewing Eric yesterday and will post that podcast in the day or so after I remove some of the wind noise.

Well Eric is quite an accomplished athlete doing triathlons so it seems that he has developed a good balance between personal & business goals.

His presentation today covers the how conversion can work for you and he relates to ABC as Always Be Communicating. Well that is social media isn’t it? Eric focuses on the banking industry and leverages his experience as a banker to relate positively to his prospects.

He conducts Power breakfast talks as well as his free Wednesday webinar. He is fast becoming renown as an expert in banking and speaks at many events. This is the way he develops his lead generation and finds that he does not have to buy leads.

The message that he makes is why don’t you concentrate on your previous experience and leverage your knowledge and be recognized as an expert in your field.

Eric has leveraged the WSI network to the full using seminars, whitepapers, webinars, articles etc. He spends a lot of time networking.

He refers to the book “Book Yourself Solid” always have something to offer them

Eric’s markets his services in the following way:

  • Newsletter is called “Internet minute”
  • FreeWebinarWednesdays
  • BloggingForBankers

Eric has done extremely well in his first two years and he is a great example of how you can get a flying start in this business.

All new Internet Consultants should view this presentation and see what ideas you can get for your own business.

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