I met Darren a few months back and he conducts a very popular talk show every fortnight for the WSI community. Last month I was invited as a guest speaker and it was really exciting to be interviewed by Darren. He does the interview really well especially since its all online.

Darren has been an IC for 2.5 years now and is one of the IC community that is totally committed to helping the entire WSI franchise network. Everyone of us should schedule these calls in our diaries as the content that is discussed is so valuable and allows all of us worldwide to connect.

His presentation covers:

  • 2-step sales process
    • Don’t do slides because you should focus on the client and have a 2-way discussion (very good tip)
    • Talk about marketing
    • Try and qualify the prospect
    • Make an personal connection
    • Don’t rush the prospect into a proposal
  • Darren recommends that new ICs should follow Marvin’s sales process
  • Use Google docs spreadsheet to keep track of all the keywords so his team can get easy access
  • Use an SEO document to note all meta data
  • Local business optimization
  • Tracking phone calls from organic SEO
  • Contact forms for simple conversion
  • Press Releases
  • Social media marketing
  • Measurement and tracking

The results, $80,000 in business directly from the website

Darren shares all his supporting documents so get to GNS and download all the goodies

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