What a great day of presentations we had today. I am getting ready for the Awards dinner and thought I better write a short post while I am still pumped up.

Avinash Kaushik’s presentation was just great. He really is a humorous presenter and kept us all attentive.

He shared his model on showing how to measure the correct things in analytics and not to get to bogged down in data detail. His approach is one that I have been trying to perfect for a while. Provide your clients with information on business goals. The main message I got was that one should “focus on visitor behaviour” and see how you can fix your existing pages to help your vsisitors find what they need.

One must segment the data to find things that are of value in your website. I liked his idea of getting subscriptions through RSS feeds as this is permission based and allows one to provide future marketing promotions to your subscribers.

At the end of the presentation I bought his book Web Analytics 2.0″ and got his autograph. Avinash likes to help people and donates all the proceeds of his book to charity, so I support that. here is a pic of me getting my book.

Avinash Kaushik and Francois Muscat

receiving my autographed book

The presentation was from Beth Hawks, she is gene Bonanno’s daughter and clued up on social media. I enjoy listening to Generation Y as we Boomers can learn a lot on how they use the web. She shared the types of services that they provide their clients. their social media plans cover implementation and training of Facebook, Blogs, Twitter, LinkedIn, Flickr and Youtube. The great thing about WSI is how we share information with one another. This helps all of us provide our clients with a better service and solution.

The my friend Gregg Towsley presented on “Online credibility. Gregg is a master at building his Google Resume and not the same service to his clients and gets them the exposure that is so important in getting prospects to choose you.

The final presentation from Tom Petty was on how not to sell SEO. Good ideas here on how to get your client to work with you to implement a successful search engine marketing solution.

That’s it for today. This post is specially for anyone out there that is interested in in investing in a WSI franchise. You can get an idea of the type of activity that is provided to over 450 of us that were in attendance today.

I hope the rest of my colleagues enjoyed the day as I did.