I start my year with a two-day Digital Marketing Boot Camp in Sao Paulo, Brazil.

It’s been 3 months since my last flight and surprising Marianna & I took the 9-hour flight with ease.

Marcos picked us up from the airport and we got a quick tour of Sao Paulo while on the way to the hotel, the EstanPlaza, very nice. Later that evening Caio and his family took us out to a great restaurant called Figueira. It is under one of the largest trees I have ever seen.

The meal was great but expensive in South African terms.

On the way we spent a bit of time watching the musical fountains.

Musical fountain in São Paulo Brazil

The traffic is really bad here in Sao Paulo so we had a slow start while everyone made their way to the venue at the Sheraton. For me it was just a walk across the street. Here are the introductions. Shortest guy in the room as usual.

As usual these days are hard work, as I have to present for two solid days. But this group was really interactive and the yesterday just flew by.

Digital Marketing Solutions

We started by covering how to approach prospects with Digital Marketing solutions from a business point of view.

  • Online Lead Generation: Introducing all the ways to generate leads online in priority of our client’s business goals
  • Online Brand credibility: In this section we introduce all the Social technologies to use. Social Tech is really important for word of mouth referrals
  • Communicate and stay in touch: After your prospect or client has visited your site, what are the techniques to use to keep in touch and stay top of mind.

LinkedIn Workshop

We ended the afternoon with a LinkedIn Workshop. Recently I have been running a number of LinkedIn workshops for clients and have found this to be the best social media technology to engage in if your business is in the B2B market.

Today we will continue with LinkedIn and get everyone up to speed with a professionally completed LinkedIn profile that will project a professional personal brand, as well as help with presenting our Digital Marketing solutions in Sao Paulo and all over Brazil.

Tomorrow, the Brazilian WSI Masters have arranged an open event at the Canadian Embassy. I am looking forward to presenting there along with Marcos. We will cover the 15 Web 2.0 dynamics as well as a 12-Step plan for implementing Social technology in an organisation.

Tonight we will have a dinner with the WSI Brazilian Internet Consultants and Marianna and I look forward to their friendship and hospitality. These guys know how to have fun. It will be a warm-up session for our weekend in Rio.

Stay tuned to find out what else we discussed in our Digital Marketing boot camp in Sao Paulo.

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