Copywriting is more than coming up with slogans and writing 800-word press releases – in today’s day and age, you’re probably going to be doing a bunch of more untraditional things, such as writing tweets, text messages and banner ads, for example.

There are so many different news sites publishing their content on Twitter, but some of them have hundreds and thousands of followers while others only have a few hundred. The way these accounts write their tweets definitely impacts the number of followers they have, the amount of traffic they are able to lead from Twitter to their site and the level of engagement they receive from social media users. Here’s how you can write tweets that make people take specific actions:

What to write if you want people to click on your links

If you want to drive traffic to your website, you need to add a certain degree of mysteriousness to your tweets. The Huffington Post on Twitter has mastered the art of getting people to click on their links. What they do is force you to open the link to get the answer to the question (or statement) in the tweet. Their tweets usually read along the lines of “Which celebrity got married at 15?”, “This country is the top polluting country in the WORLD” and so forth. Even the most disinterest reader is usually compelled to click on the link just to find out what the answer is. Add a level of secrecy and surprise to your tweets and you will get people to click on the links.

What to write if you want re-tweets

If your tweet gets re-tweeted, your name appears in your followers’ timelines. This is one of the best ways to gain followers seeing as your name and Twitter handle is able to virally travel to other people’s news feeds. If you want your tweet to get re-tweeted, you need to be funny, cheeky or interesting. If you follow comedians on Twitter, you’ll see they have huge followings thanks to a few quirky comments that got re-tweeted. If you’re not in the business of being funny, make sure you’re tweeting interesting, breaking news. New studies, interesting facts or exciting industry news will get you re-tweeted.

What to write if you want engagement

Creating a conversation and initiating dialogue is a great way to connect with your followers. When you start engaging with your followers, it humanises the Twitter account and builds trust. Tweets that initiate engagement include questions and controversial statements. It can be as easy as posting a link to your article and asking “what do you think?” – start asking questions and answering the questions of others to increase the level of engagement on your Twitter account.

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