Many times, a client will give the same information or brief for the About Us page as well as the Home page. Having information on the Home page (which belongs on the About Us page) is often what makes a website ineffective. The Home page is your first contact with a client – they need to be drawn into the website because they see that you have something to offer them. All too often it happens that copywriters have detailed accounts of a company’s history and what the company does (information that a website visitor should only read on the About Us page).

Here are some tips about writing the content on the About Us page:

  • Give the readers your history: Tell the website visitor who founded the company, when it was founded and why. This is your chance to show your potential client that you aren’t a fly-by-night company and that you have a stable track record in the industry.
  • Post a picture of the team or individual pictures: Clients like putting a face to a name. Let them know who they will be dealing with if they have a technical, marketing or sales question by putting photos, names and job titles on the About Us page.
  • Mission, Vision and Values: Most companies have a mission statement and a set of core values. Not every website visitor wants to read this, but if they do – they should be able to find it on the About Us page.

As we mentioned in the previous post, the Home page should be written last (after you have done the copywriting for all the other pages). The About Us page, on the other hand, should be written first. Writing a company’s About Us page will give you more clarity about the corporate personality and values, which will help you to write the other pages of the website.

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