As a copywriter, you will often have to write entire websites from scratch (or from outdated three-page websites). During the initial meeting with the client, you will usually discuss the various pages and menu buttons on the website – such as services, report downloads, product pages, the about us page and the home page.

Here are some tips to determine what type of content should be on the Home Page:

  • Does the content lead somewhere? The content on the Home page should get a website visitor to either contact the company immediately, or start browsing the rest of the website. With each paragraph you write, ask yourself whether you would be inclined to click on more links and browse the site, or if you are merely talking about the company’s goals and ambitions.
  • Are you eliminating reasons to go somewhere else for business? On the Home page, you need to be writing for the reader (address the website visitor directly). Eliminate any fears they may have – tell them it’s a secure online shopping cart website; there’s a money back guarantee and ask them to read testimonials from happy clients.
  • Solve the readers’ problems. If you’re selling a massage kit – write about neck and back pains. Tell them how you can solve their problems with the massage kit. Make your writing sincere so that the reader believes that the company’s products are the solution to their problems.
  • Don’t let them guess where they should be clicking: The Home page needs to be an invitation to explore the rest of the website (or the products the reader is interested in). Make sure the reader doesn’t have to wonder which button to click on – have broad categories and clear subtitles that lead to the rest of the website.

Write the home page last
Usually, it’s best to write the Home page last (which isn’t always easy because the graphic designer needs copy for the initial sign-off of the Home page of the website). Make sure you can change the Home page copy after you have written the rest of the pages so that you have a good idea of how each and every product category or benefit can be mentioned on the Home page. Writing the other pages first will help you with the link building on your Home page later.

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