So if you’ve decided you would like to start blogging, I’m sure you’re wondering how to write a high impact blog, right? Everyone who owns a blog should know the tips and tricks of the trade to improve the overall quality of their pieces. So, for your reading pleasure, the below list of hints will hopefully help you in creating a successful blog!

How to write high impact blogs

  • Tone: When creating your blog, make sure you keep the tone of your writing conversational rather than overly formal. When people read blogs they enjoy feeling like they know the writer in a way. Keeping a conversational tone will help you connect with your readers much more than if you “lecture blogged” them.
  • Value: If you have a great idea as to what to post on your blog, make sure it contains valuable content. Readers do like reading fun things, but they also enjoy learning something in the process. So do yourself a favour and add a bit of useful and interesting information (even if it’s a personal or creative blog). Your readers will thank you for it.
  • Emotion: When you’re writing your blog posts, try to add in a little personal emotion. As readers, people usually identify more with writers who share personal information or simply just a few words of emotion here and there. This gives readers a sense of who the writer is and makes your posts more enjoyable to read. However, be sure you don’t go over the top and have a full on personal meltdown in the middle of a blog.
  • Pictures: What makes blogs extra interesting to most people is the use of relevant pictures. Depending what you’re blogging about, try to use pictures or infographics where possible (but don’t overdo it). Pictures help readers understand what you’re writing about and just like children who love picture-books, readers’ attention is captured largely by interesting images. So make sure you use this aspect properly.
  • Grammar: Once you’ve got your great blog idea, make sure you have checked your spelling and grammar before posting the blog. You don’t have to be a renowned author to make people want to read your blog, but having multiple spelling and grammar errors clouding your blog scares most readers away. So proofread your blogs before posting and keep in mind that the handy SpellCheck tool is available on most blogging platforms.


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