Producing good copywriting for the web environment can be an arduous and time-consuming process. The following four copywriting tips should help you:

Write ‘Outside Yourself’

Place yourself in your audience’s shoes by reading your draft copy from their persepctive. Ask yourself if it makes sense. Does it read well? By this I mean your writing should flow smoothly from point to point so that your readers don’t lose interest. Does the web copywriting include the necessary information needed for the reader to commit to the desired action?

Don’t Waffle On

If a sentence is more than 25 words, eliminate the unneeded words or break it into two shorter sentences. Replace long words and awkward phrases with more simple variants. Why say “do not” when you can simply say “don’t”?

Edit your work properly

Any copywriter worth his/her salt knows that to rely on the Spellchecker tool on MS Word is simply not enough. You may use contractions and an informal tone if it’s appropriate to your copy. But banish the dreaded passive voice, all grammatical errors and any incorrect formatting.


Read your work aloud away from your workstation. You will be able to hear mistakes you may have missed by reading it quietly to yourself at your desktop. Typing errors are unacceptable and should be avoided at all costs.

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