Ever wonder why some blogs are popular and some aren’t? Think about the blogs you regularly check out – sure, the blog is obviously interesting, written by a knowledgeable person and it covers a specific subject you are interested in. But there are a million blogs on every imaginable subject and I’m guessing you don’t click back to check out if any design elements on the website have been changed, right?

Popular people write popular blogs. Website users revisit blogs because they feel they know you, your company or your brand. They aren’t coming back to read your annual report – these individuals feel that they know you and they connect with you by reading what you have to say. If this is what you’re aiming for and what you have been working at (by posting new blogs on a regular basis) but you rarely get a comment on your articles, you may be making some mistakes in your content.

What’s making your content weak?

  • CEO-speak. If you are writing in a formal tone, readers will think you are taking yourself too seriously. Keep it light and chatty if you are writing for a blog.
  • You’re lying. Copywriters often have a killer headline that gets people on the page, but within the first two sentences you see that the article is actually about something else. You don’t want a thousand clicks to your blog post, you want people reading the entire thing so make sure the title doesn’t mislead (and irritate) readers.
  • No feedback. Need comments? Ask! If you want feedback on your article, ask some open-ended questions to find out if your readers have any tips you didn’t think of, some suggestions or would like to add their own experience.
  • Too long. There’s no rule that says you can’t write a long article, but if you are writing it for the web, try to insert sub-headings every few paragraphs. This also makes it easier for people to scan a page and read the bits they want to and ignore the rest.
  • Your article is isolated. If you’ve written a great article, it’s up on your site and nobody is linking to it, you need to do something about the situation. Follow other bloggers on Twitter and other social media networks and you’ll see they often link to one another’s posts. Start making friends and linking to posts by other writers and you will see what a huge difference this can make in the popularity of your blog.
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