Landing pages are pages on a website that are created specifically to convert a website user into a client or customer. You may not be able to find this page from the normal home page navigation buttons, but you will easily find them in Google and other search engines.

Landing pages are optimised for specific keywords and phrases and you mainly find that they link from pay per click (PPC) ad campaigns, from a promotional website banner on another website or search engine or from an ad on a blog.

Tips for writing effective landing pages

  • Don’t make the reader feel lost. In the headline (or within the first two sentences), name the banner, promotion or offer that sent the website user to this page. Write something like “You’re here to find out more about the Buy 1 get 1 Free Promotion at Walmart this week”. If a reader clicks on a link, it’s because the one-liner or two sentences in the PPC click appealed to him or her, so focus only on what was mentioned in that advertisement.
  • Call to actions. If the internet user clicked on your link, they are probably looking for the product or service you are advertising. Have clear call to actions such as “Buy Now” or “View the product catalogue” on the landing page so that the potential customer can buy the product as soon as they’ve got enough information to make the decision.
  • Be persuasive. The goal of a landing page is to sell something. Don’t give too much background on the company or other product or services that the landing page reader may not be interested in. Give a clear message about why they need the product and why they have to buy it now.
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