If you are writing an in-depth article for the Washington Post, you can expect to need a few days of interviews and research before you can even get started with the article. Copywriters in the online marketing industry, however, only need less than half an hour to write an article.

I know sometimes it may feel like you just can’t get started or that an article seems like it can be a half-day project, but I’ve picked up some useful tips and tricks along the way to ensure that I only spend an average of 30 minutes writing each article. Tired of taking forever to get an article done?

Strategies for quicker writing

  • Jot down some ideas first. Making notes with a pen and paper may seem like something you needed to do in school, but this trick can go a long way when trying to fill up a page with relevant information. Make bullet-point list of all the subjects you want to cover and keep it next to your keyboard before you start writing.
  • Leave it for a day or so. This may seem like a counter-productive tip, but if you know what the article has to be about, leave it for a day or two. The article idea will stay in the back of your mind and you will find that will be adding ideas to the list before you have started to write.
  • Don’t bank ideas for later. If you come up with a few great ideas for a client for whom you regularly write, don’t attempt to save some of the ideas for future articles. Good ideas will pop up next time you have to write, so use the ideas you have now!
  • If you are on a roll, keep writing. Some days are easier than others, but if you’ve finished four or five articles before lunch, try to keep the productive pace you have set.