More than 75% of advertisements in the newspapers are skipped because they do not grab the reader’s attention. A powerful titled blog post article can draw huge amounts of targeted traffic via RSS feeds, blog aggregators, social networks and search engines.

Your blog post headline must capture the attention of your readers in order for it to work. Your blog post headline (title) should make it seem as though getting the information and reading further is absolutely vital.

There are only two goals in writing effective blog titles to grab the attention of your readers. The first goal is to write interesting titles to draw them in to read further. The second goal is to get listed on the blog aggregators and the search engines so that more people can find your content.


Always try to add keywords/keyword phrases in your titles. This is what the search engines will notice. As you write your blog entry, try to write informative titles that will match what you would search for if you were searching for something similar on the web.

Make your blog titles clear, clever and descriptive. You are writing them for two audiences – readers and the search engines. Choose which keywords you are going to use in your blog post titles.

SEO blog post title tips

The titles of your blog posts carry a significant value to the on page SEO (Search Engine Optimization) factors of the overall blog. They are the text links that appears on the search engines result pages (SERP) when you have searched for a given keyword or keyword phrase. Title tags are specified in the <head> section of your html pages and they are defined between the <title>Your title</title> tag. Most blogging systems has a pre-defined section where you can insert the title of the blog post when you create a new one.

Similar or same text: Every page on your website should have a unique <title> tag. If you have the same title on every single page, you are telling search engines that your blog is only covering one topic, and none of your content is unique.

Exceeding the 65 character limit: Many blog post titles are very long. Most popular search engines has a limit of 65 characters on the link that they will display in the search engine results pages. If you exceed 65 characters (including spaces) you risk getting your title tag being cut off at 65 characters.

Keyword stuffing the title: A common mistake web designers /developers tend to make is over stuffing the title tag with keywords. Saying the same thing multiple times doesn’t make it more relevant and search engines picks this up. Search engines views it as spam and that is one thing you don’t want to be listed for. Rather repeat the same keyword in different ways.

The title of your blog post is most likely the most important part of the post. It is usually the first thing that you readers will see about your post. Make it stand out together with SEO elements to get the best results for your blog posts.

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