Quick – count to 10. That’s about how long you have to convince someone to stay on your page. We know that people don’t stay on web pages for very long, you basically have ten seconds to convince someone to stay on your page.

The average web page visit is less than a minute and research shows that most people only read about a quarter of the text on the page, so you need to get your foot in the door with compelling, easy-to-understand website design, development and copywriting.

When it comes to creating landing pages, the pay-off is even more crucial because you could be paying for that page visit (if you’re using a Pay-Per-Click campaign). This is only one of the reasons why you should be experimenting with different images and page layouts. Our best practice guide includes experimenting with different ads, images and layouts so that we can see how they compete against one another and improve on high-performing pages (and discard the ones that obviously aren’t working).

One thing that helps us a lot with PPC campaigns and landing page designs is establishing a company’s unique selling proposition. While your unique selling proposition is an age-old principle, many companies and marketers fail to make this clear on their landing pages (and when I say “make it clear”, I mean it needs to be absolutely obvious to a person who is only going to give you 10 seconds of their time).

While it’s important to have experienced people behind your web design, PPC campaigns and landing page designs, it’s also important to be part of the process so that you can guide creative teams about what works in your business – both offline and online.

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