Your company must have a website, you need to advertise online and get a professional to handle the copywriting requirements etc. All in the name of the holy grail of online marketing: upping your SEO.

All this is true… but be careful who you go to because it’s not just about what and how frequently you say it that matters anymore. Now, how you say it counts too.

These days, people have become so comfortable with the technologies involved in mobile communication that we have stopped thinking about how it works and therefore have a much more personal relationship with the content. This means that, to be effective, your online marketing copy will need to be actually engaging and not just there, and that is why hiring a company like WSI OMS to handle it for you deserves a serious thought.

Actually, hiring digital marketing copy experts is important! Here’s why: You’re doing some product research so you go online, type in your keywords, click on ‘search’ and off you go. Up pops the list of relevant sites and you start opening them up, one by one, from the top (the first place where getting a professional copywriter to improve your SEO comes in handy). However, the first one is so patronising that you close it. With the second one they didn’t even bother to correct the grammar or spelling, so obviously this is NOT a company that puts much emphasis on professionalism. Third site? Off topic and boring… close.

See? Even if you get a high SEO rating, if the content of the webpage is badly written you will also increase the bounce rate and decrease time on site, opt-ins, buys and subscribers, referrals and shares and all the things you need people to do for any of this to have been worthwhile.

If you need help with upping the quality of your copywriting and not just your SEO contact us today.

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