Why do you have a personal or a business website? What is the purpose of your website? Your website, the same as your business, needs to have a clear call to action with measurable results that you expect.  The purpose of your website, the design, the content and all the call to actions should all support the goal with your website.

The goal of your website could be to generate sales leads, direct sales or to build a list of email addresses to name but a few. You may say that you want your site to have all these goals.  They are all very important.  The only problem with this is that your website needs a good purpose.  When you have a couple of important goals, then you might create confusion with your website visitors and you might achieve none of your goals – you then create a conflicting purpose for your website.

If you have multiple goals on your website, define one of your goals as the primary one.  Take this primary goal and make sure you have answered these two questions.

  1. What is the purpose of your website?
  2. Who are you trying to target (audience) with your website?

Identify your target market

Identify your target market and research what they are looking for.  What will your website help them with?  Always create a focused message that answers the needs of your best customer.  You need to show them what you are offering is what they are searching for and grab their attention.  You can build their interest by doing it this way.

What is the purpose of your website?

Every web page on your website should have a clear purpose and optimized content.  I’m not talking about the search engine optimization aspects that needs to be done as well but, these pages should be focused on getting your visitor to take action or at least direct them on where to go next. The ultimate goal is to get your website visitors to take action.

To help your website visitors to take action, provide a visual and clear path for them to take.  This will help you accomplish the purpose and goal of your website.  Without any value and action on your website, your website provides little value.

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