Depending on the size of your business and the need for promotion with certain services and products, hiring a social media company sounds like a good idea.  You can work with your business at hand, your employees can focus on your services and products, and your social media company can handle your social PR.

You are most likely the best authority for your company’s progress and mission. You are outsourcing your company’s social media activity, and you can become more productive and worry about other things – right? Eventually, you will come to a point in your relationship with the social media company you are hiring where it will be necessary to add some input to their social media activities.  What does this mean?

Customer feedback

There will mostly likely be questions on your company’s Facebook Fan page wall that only you can answer because you have the knowledge.  Facebook and Twitter doesn’t close at 4 o’clock, and there’s most likely a good chance that people in your social media firm are not able to work after hours to keep the conversation and buzz active.  It is important to make sure that you or someone in your company has administrative access to your social media profiles.  Activity at all hours will let your customers know that you are readily available.

Schedule your activity

As you are making room to integrate yourself into your social media marketing strategy, you might think that it is not necessary to outsource your social media activities any-more. Think very carefully about doing that.  The promotion of your business online through various social media channels requires quite a lot of time and dedication. You will still need eyes and ears that are listening and monitoring for inappropriate comments and feedback online.

Take some time to get comfortable and familiar with your social media campaign and what it all consist of. Your social media firm can handle all the ground work, but your input will always play a vital role in the success of your campaign. If you do this you will find that you are becoming more comfortable in moving into the social (Web 2.0) age.  Your customers, recognizing your ability to change and adapt, will follow.

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