Social media may seem to be the darling of online marketing, but mobile marketing is here to stay. With most people accessing the Internet with a mobile device, your brand can ignore it at its own peril. Look around: everyone is on their smartphones. The trick is to get your brand onto that small screen in front of them. Here is why (and how) you need to focus on mobile marketing.

  • More people have mobile devices than PCs
    According to Smart Insights, mobile devices surpassed desktop devices in 2014 and continues on a significant upward trajectory. The amount of time looking at a mobile (vertical) screen now exceeds a PC (horizontal) screen, when not counting time spent in front of a TV. This means that when you are designing a digital marketing campaign, you absolutely have to be optimised for mobile use, otherwise you are missing out on that audience.
  • Tweak your email marketing for mobile
    According to Recruiting Times, in 2014, 65% of emails sent were opened on a mobile device. Out of those 69%, emails which weren’t optimised for mobile were instantly deleted. That is a massive percentage of your audience which you are potentially throwing away if your campaign hasn’t been tweaked for mobile devices.
  • Apps are still on-trend
    When people are constantly on their mobile devices, chances are they are using apps. You need to get in on this by creating an app experience for your customer and target audience. For instance, if your brand is an event venue, you could have an app which offers visitors a map of the grounds, a way to buy event tickets, find parking, etc. All the while your audience is getting a positive experience out of it and associating this positivity with your brand.

Mobile marketing is not something to be ignored. If your brand hasn’t yet, it’s time to embrace it by getting in touch with WSI OMS. We specialise in everything to do with digital marketing, including email marketing, social media and content marketing. Contact us today.

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