Facebook, the mother of all social networks has been a huge asset for small and large businesses. Facebook has been very beneficial to many companies helping them with market exposure and increasing their revenue.

Why you should use a Facebook fan page for business

So what should you consider when you want to start using Facebook for your business? Should you use a normal profile or a business page? Find a couple of reasons below that will help you with this decision.


Let’s face it – a Facebook profile is meant for “real” people. Facebook pages and the features on them were designed for business, a brand, or an organization. With a dedicated Facebook page for your business, you will be able to see how many times the posts that you shared were seen by your network. A Facebook page can give you these measurements where a normal profile can’t.

With a Facebook page, you will also be able to determine where your fans are located, what tabs on your pages they are viewing, and the overall activity on your page.


A normal Facebook profile is meant to be used by real people. With a Facebook profile, you are only allowed a maximum of 5000 friends, but with a business page, there’s no limitation. For many businesses this is quite significant because they are trying maximize their brand exposure. With a business page on Facebook, you also have the ability to use “page tabs” and with a normal profile you can’t. This is important because you can create various dedicated pages on your business page related to your products and services.

A Facebook page is definitely a must if you want to start engaging with your customers. With a normal Facebook profile, you are very limited if you want to maximize the exposure for your business.