With more and more companies building or having websites built for themselves every day, the need to compete is extremely strong.  That’s why it’s more vital than ever to have your website design stand out from the crowd – and the clever use of colour and eye-catching designs have never been more important.

Of course, the first thing to consider is the type business you’re designing the website for.  A website for an insurance company would, by nature, need to look more neutral and professional-looking than say a website for a cosmetics company aimed at teens.

Whatever type of website you’re designing, here are some basic tips that are common throughout and provide a good starting point for web designs – whichever type of company or service you’re working for.

Use natural colours wherever possible

Unless you’re designing a site for young, vibey products, stick to natural colours – they’re more authentic and pleasing than neons, dayglo and artificial colours.

Make the text stand out from its background

It’s been tested that black type on a white background is the most readable – but there are many other excellent variations.  Some great background colours are dark blues, greys and black.  Contrast and use various saturations of colours to get a great result.

Choose a few good colours and stick to this ‘theme’ throughout

Creating a good colour scheme with harmonious colours makes for a pleasant experience when people visit your site.  Don’t go overboard with colours – rather opt for three or four and use these (and saturations thereof) throughout your site.  If colours are ‘garish’ or hard on the eyes, they could cause your visitors to skim over or even avoid parts of your site.  Not good!

Consider those with visual impairments

Remember that some viewers will not have 20/20 vision.  Make colours contrast enough so that they’re easily readable.  For example, brown type on a slightly darker brown background could be totally illegible for someone with less than perfect eyesight.  Create enough contrast to make sure your content is easy on the eye – and readable.

You want your site visitors to enjoy their experience … which makes them eager to come back again and again. Need help with your web design? Contact WSI OMS today!

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