Email marketing can be one of the most effective internet marketing strategies for a number of reasons. The ability to reach people who are interested in what you have to say, on a platform that everyone uses, in a way people prefer to be communicated to, is one of the soundest ways to get more business.

We often post blogs about tips to increase your email subscriber base, so why would we tell you that you should dump some of your email subscribers? We wouldn’t tell you to ask your Facebook friends/fans or followers to unlike you on Facebook, or your YouTube channel subscribers to start unsubscribing, but this is the key difference between email subscribers and social media platforms. In order to have a healthy list of email subscribers, you need a good number of them to be active subscribers. If people simply move your emails into their spam folders or don’t even open your emails, this could have a large impact on your email campaign’s performance.

It’s possible that, at one point of time, many people were interested in your email communications, but things change. Maybe your business changed or their needs changed, but if they are no longer opening your emails, then it’s time to let them go. There are many new laws regarding spam and what you’re allowed to send to people via email and dropping unsubscribe rates and complaints about spam could easily put a red flag on your business’ online reputation.

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