When the principles of minimalism are successfully applied to web design, you will have an interface that is functional, crisp and timeless. Many people confuse minimalism with an uninteresting result, but that’s just not the case – minimalist websites can be truly memorable for users; here’s why:

  • When designing, less is more. A minimalist website is all about reducing clutter until your message is sharp, clear and easily understood. This is applied to images as well as textual content for a refined, high-impact look.
  • It’s conducive to responsive design. With a good grid system, it’s no surprise that minimalist sites offer the least amount of resistance to responsive design, ensuring that your site gets out there and onto the most devices possible.
  • It’s calming. It’s common knowledge that our days are busier than ever and that our Internet experiences are increasingly overwhelming – from the spam in our mailboxes to the flashing advertising on websites. A calm, relaxing interface is a great relief for users!
  • It allows for greater creativity. This might not make sense at first, since there is so much ‘less’ to minimalist websites, but it’s true. You can experiment with textures, colours and bold, simple fonts far more than with a ‘busy’ website because your design has far less to compete with.
  • It makes for a faster website. Because there is less to load, these websites give a better user experience than busy, overly complex sites. This is especially true for the millions of users who have low bandwidth.

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