Social media marketing is constantly evolving as people adopt new social media and move away from others.

If social media were like high school, Instagram would be the arty kid. The concept is simple: snap, edit and share photos from wherever you are showing what you are doing right now. Create digital “polaroids” to upload and share with your followers.

Many brands have paid little attention to Instagram, but in September Instagram overtook Twitter in daily mobile traffic. Therefore it is no wonder that Facebook paid $1 billion for this two-year-old start-up.

Instagram Stats:

  • 80 million+ Registered Users
  • 4 billion+ Uploaded Photos
  • 5 million+ Photo Uploads Per Day
  • 575 Likes Per Second
  • 81 Comments Per Second

Can you afford to not to be on Instagram?

Some brands are finding it hard to connect through photo sharing, but with Instagram’s new web profiles it is becoming increasingly important to join up. There are several brands that are using Instagram successfully on Twitter. Take a look at local companies such as online store Yuppiechef and Woolworths or international brands such as Nike and Audi.

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