Medium, the popular blogging platform founded in 2012, is kind of like Twitter for long-form content, but it has the advantage of telling you stories you are interested in. Even if you already have a massive following on social media, sometimes your content doesn’t get the mileage you think it deserves. Publishing your content on Medium has the distinct advantage of reaching a new, much larger audience. If you’re still unconvinced, here are eight reasons why you should be:

  1. It has a useful import tool.

If you have blog content anywhere on the web, Medium can import it. Once you’ve imported it, you can edit it, change the images or formatting, then publish it. It even adds a line at the bottom of your article, stating where it was first published and provides a link to the original post.

  1. You can connect with your social media audience.

Another great feature of Medium is that you bring your existing social media following with you, by linking your Medium profile with your Facebook and Twitter IDs. Medium will identify which users are on Medium and connect you with those people automatically.

  1. It shows you engagement metrics.

Medium will tell you how many people viewed your stories, including how far they read and the average reading time. Engagement on Medium is higher than that on Twitter, so your content could make more of an impact than on other social media platforms.

  1. You can reach a bigger more diverse audience.

If people like your content on Medium, they give it a heart – the more hearts, the more recommendations it gets. If your piece gets 200 hearts in 24 hours, it will most likely end up being one of the top stories of the day, which in turn, helps you reach an audience not available to you before.

  1. There is no API.

APIs can sometimes ruin social networks, with a large percentage of spam being due to aggressive API usage. Medium’s lack of noise means more legitimate followers.

  1. You could be ‘discovered’.

Publishers are constantly scouting platforms like Medium for new talent, so you might be found as the next best writer. Ensuring your content is creative and of high quality, ups your chances of being asked to become a regular contributor to top news sites.

  1. You will generate new social media followers.

Although you initially use your Facebook and Twitter connections to create your Medium audience, Medium will end up helping you generate more followers. Linking your social profiles as well as your company website address at the bottom of your article ensures people can find you – and a good piece of content on Medium can easily increase your following across all your social platforms.

  1. It’s really easy!

Considering you don’t even have to create new content to publish on Medium, it really is easy to use. You can gain considerable traction with your content by using Medium, with its user-friendly system and astounding statistics.

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