Blogging is such an important part of building your brand and increasing your business visibility. It allows, along the way, for you to become an expert in your niche, which is important when you’re starting out. But the day will come when you feel like you have exhausted your ability to blog anymore on your chosen field of expertise, when you’ve recycled your content enough, so what now?

There are a number of good reasons to create content outside of your niche.

  1. You’ll reach a bigger audience.

Going off-topic expands the reach of your content, introducing you to a far wider audience. Although your articles may not relate specifically to your field or your business, the added volume will make up for this.

  1. You can influence future customers.

When you create content, it’s usually aimed at a specific group – your customers. When you go off-topic and attract a bigger and slightly different audience, you have the opportunity to introduce them to your brand. These are the customers who don’t know they need your products or services yet, so establishing a relationship through your content increases the odds of them converting at a later stage.

  1. Increase social media engagement.

If your content is posted on a site with many social media followers, your content will get a lot more views. If you can get onto a well-known site as a guest blogger, do it, but for those without the connections, publishing on Medium is a great platform for your non-niche content. You’ll have access to new readers, as well as the chance of being noticed by a bigger publication with an even bigger audience.

  1. You have more creative licence.

When you write off-topic, you have more opportunity to express yourself and your opinions. Using the right tone for your content is important, as is the wording, but not having to remain true to a company brand gives you the chance to be a bit more personable. Add some humour or images that appeal to you.

Before you go mad writing about content that in no way relates back to your core business, do some research. Think about how your content is going to advance your career and the benefits (or disadvantages) of having a bigger and more diverse audience. If you’re looking for inspiration, use Twitter to test topics. BuzzSumo can also help you discover hot topics across many industries.

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