Social media has been incorporated into our daily lives at the office and at home.  What is the first thing you do when you switch on your computer at the start of the day?  Open Facebook?  Start tweeting?  View some videos on YouTube? Read some RSS feeds? Are you using these social media tools to the best advantage for your business?

A good well planned social media policy will create a better informed group of social media users within your company.  With the social media policy they will be able to better represent your company and will not subject it to undue risk from inappropriate disclosure of financial information and proprietary company information.  This could also help your business that your employees does not engage in unfair practices.

To have an effective social media policy, consider the following when you are in the process of creating one.

  • Develop the social media policy to extend to all employees and all use of social media and social networks whenever there is a potential for them to be seen as company representatives.
  • Engage all the departments of the company such as marketing, legal and finance when creating the policy.
  • Be sure to address the need for social media users to behave ethically, legally and to the best interest of the company.

Be sure to incorporate the company’s culture inside the policy.  Avoid creating a too strict policy that would limit the authenticity and effectiveness of your social media campaigns.

The social media policy you created is another extension of your company’s standards and the business you conduct.  This will help remind your employees that they represent the company in everything they do and should always act in good faith of it.

An overly strict social media policy will limit the participation in social media programs and discourage new participates.  This could also slow down the communication process and add costs to your campaigns because you will need to find other ways to partake in the conversation.  A wrong social media policy could limit the effectiveness of the company’s social media programs and to make them not worth doing.

Social media is here to stay and it is advisable for any company to start embracing this new trend.  By having a well planned social media policy for your business, you are already establishing yourself as a serious player in the field and it can help your company with your Social Media Marketing.

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