User-oriented content marketing is the only way. Why? Because any other form of content marketing is a waste of time and money. Below, we prove to you why…

Ultimately, your audience is looking for two things:

  1. Firstly, they want relevant, interesting content, that provides them with a helpful solution to their problems;
  2. Secondly, they want the content to be made available to them consistently.

Finding the balance between quantity and quality

Once you have supplied your audience with an awesome piece of content, they will be waiting for another… and another. That’s the beauty (and the curse) of user-oriented content marketing: it leaves the audience wanting more… and leads to pressure on you to keep delivering what’s expected! The secret to finding a balance between quantity and quality lies in your ability to keep abreast of what type of content your audience is best responding to and ensuring that you have the capacity to give it to them. If you are struggling to handle the task by yourself, then hiring a content marketing company or expert will help to give you that ‘edge’.

Stop worrying about SEO

Obviously, every business owner wants their website to rank high in Google search results. Hence, the reason they spend so much time trying to perfect the art of search engine optimisation; often to the detriment of the quality of their content. The great news is that the world of SEO has changed drastically since the days of keyword stuffing. Nowadays, if Google can tell that you are impressing your audience and posting new, relevant content consistently, your rankings will automatically improve. In short, user-oriented content marketing is the key to a happy audience and a better reputation with Google!

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