An important thing to remember is that blog writing or website content is different to writing for a magazine or a newspaper. Blogging is a relatively new phenomenon in the world of web copywriting, as such there is no definite blog copywriting style. The goal of keeping a blog is to share information with other people. This however, can only be achieved if they are reading what you produce. Writing in an informal and casual tone is less intimidating to your readers and ensures that they will be keen to visit your blog again to see what other topics you are writing about.

Tips to make your blog posts easier to read

There is no exact formula for writing the perfect blog post. However, here are a few copywriting tips to make your blog posts more informal and approachable

  • Write about what you are interested in: This is the most important part of blogging. If you are passionate about a subject it will be reflected in your writing and this will draw more people to your blog
  • Edit your blog posts: Blogging is not about writing long essays. Make sure your posts are concise and not overcrowded with pointless information.
  • Don’t use tired clichés: Come up with new and original ways of saying things, in place of worn out clichés.
  • Spell check: Always do a spell check before publishing a post, and beware of homophones – a spell check won’t pick this up.
  • Create descriptive headlines: Well thought out and creative headlines are important to grab peoples’ attention. Partnered with effective sub-headings makes it easier for people to read and navigate your blog.

These are a just a few copywriting tips to help you create a successful blog – the most important tip is to get started! After a few attempts, you will notice that blogging will continue to become easier each week.


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