If you are anything like most other people, you have probably watched a video in the past few days, if not today. The reason is that the video has become part of the mainstream content on the Internet. Video excites and engages individuals whether they are consuming news, sports, entertainment or branded messages. Videos have the power to engage people, to unite them as well as to educate them. It can even create cultural conversations. Today, savvy digital marketers understand just how crucial it is to use video marketing. In any case, Cisco Systems foresees that video is going to comprise about 82 percent of the traffic on the Internet within the U.S. in some few years to come. So, let us look at why the future in digital marketing is going to be video.


Video Content Increases Conversions and Sales

Using video can make you some serious money. When you add a product video on landing pages, it can increase your conversions substantially.  Studies also indicate that 74 percent of people who viewed an explainer-video about one or the other product eventually bought it; this obviously means that videos can directly increase sales. Most of the information that’s transmitted to the brain is visual. If still pictures can enhance engagement, just imagine the power of moving pictures! 

According to Wyzowl statistics, about 63 percent of brands are now using video content marketing, and out of those brands, 82 percent feel that video marketing is a very important component of their marketing strategy. 


Video Yields Great ROI

Businesses that use video content see an increase in return on investment.  Although video production isn’t that easy or cheap, it pays off in a big way when used appropriately. Today, there are many online video editing tools that brands can use to create videos for their brands and products at an affordable price. Your video doesn’t have to be perfect, what matters most is the content in it. Studies show that most users are put off by a video that does not explain a brand, product or service in a clear way.


Videos Build Trust

The basis of conversions and sales is trust. However, building trust doesn’t come easily. You need to create long-term relationships with customers. The good news is that content marketing works pretty well in achieving that. You need to stop selling. Rather, allow people to reach out to you because you provide them with useful information. 

Today, there is a focus on igniting audiences and not just the content or traffic. Video creates that focus you need, it engages people and ignites their emotions. For example, YouTubers are some of the most powerful and influential people in social media. They can help to promote your brand. Promotional videos are able to foster trust because they present products in a conversational way that creates the personalisation of a brand. This is why 57 percent of consumers say videos have given them more confidence when purchasing online.


Google Loves Videos

Using videos allows brands to increase the time visitors spend on their site. In turn, the longer exposure helps to build trust. And, it hints to search engines that your site contains good, useful and informative content. Your brand is 53 times more likely to appear on top of SERPs in Google if you have embedded videos on your site. Because Google, the biggest search engine, owns YouTube, there is a considerable increase in how videos impact on search engine ranking. Brands need to optimise their videos on social channels like Facebook and YouTube for search engine optimisation by writing interesting descriptions and titles as well as by adding a backlink.


Videos Appeal to Mobile Users

It’s estimated that 90 percent of consumers view videos on their mobile devices. So, video and mobile tend to go hand-in-hand. Mobile video consumption has been increasing by 100 percent every year according to YouTube. Since the number of mobile phone users is increasing and people like watching videos, it means that the video audience of brands will keep on getting bigger and bigger. Brands have to remain sensitive to the personal experiences individuals will have on their mobile devices. For example, brands should give mobile phone audiences a better choice in video content consumed.

With the increasing popularity of video, it means that much of the content appearing on the top of the funnel needs to be in video format. Videos will bring more conversions and generate more leads and sales. Many potential buyers are unwilling to talk to a salesperson, and that is why they would prefer consumer videos to understand more about a brand or product or service.

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