It would be great if there was some magic formula for making your content or video go viral, but there isn’t really. When you look a little deeper, most of the viral posts out there either had careful thought and planning with a clear strategy, or a lot of luck.

Everyone on earth must have watched Gangnum Style by now, but the truth there was that a lot of money was spent by a lot of parties to get that video where it is. Most of the posts that go viral actually do that to serve the need of business interests by select parties. Some companies have been known to pay large sums of money to generate ‘fake’ views and comments on YouTube, which makes their video rise to the top of the viewing pile. Then people watch it and pass it on, since it had to be popular because of the millions of views, right?

There’s also an ecosystem of websites who look for posts that might go viral in order to get as many page views as possible from the video. They share it over and over, so it’ll pop up on all of the sites, which in turn makes it spread.

In order to go viral, you need to focus on two things:

  1. Create the most awesome content you can
  2. Promote your content

The promoting part is harder, since it’s not enough to post your article on social media – you need industry influencers who will share your post, so it has to be awesome in the first place.

In a nutshell, here are 10 tips to help your piece go viral:

  • Create content on trending topics
  • Ensure your content is easy to read and share
  • Produce content that evokes an emotional response, whether the emotion is positive or negative
  • Give your piece a viral attention-grabbing headline
  • Promote your post as much as you can, without annoying people
  • Optimise your content for search, so it can be easily found by search engines
  • Make your content Pin-able, by making sure it contains a high quality image or infographic
  • Use multimedia – video is a lot more appealing and is likely to get more traction
  • Build a strong online community who will share your post without hesitation
  • Identify and engage with industry influencers; their endorsement of your post will make a huge difference to the number of views and shares

If you need help deciphering the complex world of social sharing and viral content, contact us. We can help you build a solid online community so your customers can connect with you in new ways.

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